Joint PhD Seminar: The Curatorial Dispositif

(Zürich-Copenhange-New York)
Deadline for registration: July 1st 2015

Research into curating and the curatorial has taken an important upsurge over the latest decennia. Much of this effort has been put into theorizing and conceptualizing museum practices and exhibition routines, while the theoretical, historical and analytical approaches to the very basic, and quite variegated, notion of exhibiting as such have often been more implicit. This seminar addresses what we call “The Curatorial Dispositif” – the spatial distribution of material (and immaterial) objects put on display. We are interested in the questions it entails, ranging from epistemological questions of the organization of knowledge, to aesthetic questions pertaining to visualization and experience.

The curatorial dispositif is not only a matter of exhibition in a narrow, institutional sense, but also of curatorial practices in different medial contexts such as architecture, literature, or screen interfaces, and in different spheres of life such as consumer culture, street culture, or academic presentations…

This seminar invites to discuss and develop these questions in a broad theoretical and historical context. We intend to conduct most of the seminar as text discussions. Participants are invited to suggest texts that they find particularly interesting or relevant to the theme.

Keynote presentations by
Carles Guerra (Barcelona)
Leif Weatherby (NYU)

For further information and registration (with text suggestions or paper proposal), send an email no later than July 1st to

Klaus Müller-Wille (, or
Frederik Tygstrup (