Curating the Contemporary: An exhibition history of the museum of modern art as a new Bildung institution

We invite you to take part in the first workshop in our research project Curating the
Contemporary. The workshop will focus on the following key questions:

- Is there a specific concern for the contemporary in art exhibitions in the 1960s, and if so, how can we characterize it?

- How can we compare this experience of the contemporary with our present -day art world and its articulations of contemporaneity?

- What does the focus on the contemporary in exhibitions mean for the relationship between curator and critic?

We ask you to reflect on these questions to stimulate a discussion of current research in the history of exhibitions, the museology of the museum of modern art, and contemporaneity and the art world. Cortney J. Martin is our special guest and will give a lecture after the workshop. She is an expert on the contemporary art scene of the 1960s and chief curator, DIA Arts Foundation, NYC.

To sign up for the workshop (incl. lunch and coffee) contact by February 18th.

9.30: Coffee.
10-12: Workshop with project presentations and discussion with Courtney J. Martin, DIA Arts Foundation. (room 4A-0-15).
12-13: Lunch.
13.15-15: Lecture by Courtney J. Martin: Independence? Lawrence Alloway as critic and curator 1955-1985. (room 4A-0-68).

“Curating the Contemporary: An exhibit ion histo r y of the museum of modern art as a new Bildung institution” is a research project by Malene Vest Hansen and Kristian Handberg at the University of Copenhagen and Statens Museum for Kunst.

More info at: The project is supported by Independent Research Fund Denmark.