Modern Nordic Arts and Culture

The Department of Arts and Culture is offering a new BA’s elective within the fields of research represented at the Department. The course offers a critical introduction to Modern Nordic arts and culture since the late 19th century.

International interest in Nordic arts and culture has been growing steadily in the 21st century. A similar burst of interest was the case in the late 19th century when Scandinavian literature and theatre was featured all over Europe. Strindberg, Ibsen and Georg Brandes were crucial to the so-called Modern Breakthrough and Nordic artists and musicians took part in a wide range of European avant-garde movements. In the 20th century, Scandinavian furniture, design and urban planning have made its impression world-wide.

  • Part 1 runs in the fall and includes art, visual culture, architecture and urban studies. See course description. 
  • Part 2 in the spring semester covers the field of literature, modern culture, mass media, theatre, dance and music. See course description (2018/2019 description - to be announced).

You are free to apply for both or one of the semesters.

See the current curriculum for Modern Nordic Arts and Culture here.

Students at MA level may use the course for a MA elective subject. Contact the student help desk 'IKK Info'  or the international counsellor for further information.