The conference will take place May 26-27 2016 at the University of Copenhagen in auditorium 22.0.11.

Thursday May 26

9:00 - Registration and coffee

9:45 - Welcome: Malene Vest Hansen and Anne Folke Henningsen

Morning session 10:00-12:00

10:00 - Donald Preziosi, UCLA: Curatorship as Bildungsroman

11:00 - Wera Grahn, Linköping University: Intersectionality and Change: Challenges of the Authorized Heritage Discourse (AHD)

12:00 - Lunch

Afternoon session 13:00-18:00

13:00 - Parallel sessions (see below for full programme)

16:45 - Simon Sheikh, Goldsmiths, University of London: Curating and Research

19:00 - Conference dinner at Admiral Hotel, Toldbodgade 24-28, Copenhagen K (separate registration)


Friday May 27

9:30 - Coffee

Morning session 10:00-11:00

10:00 - Tone Hansen, Henie-Onstad Art Center, Oslo: The Use Value of Research in the Art Institution

11:15 - Parallel sessions (see below for full programme)

13:00 - Lunch

Afternoon session 14:00-18:00

14:00 - Parallel sessions (see below for full programme)

16:00 - Peter Bjerregaard, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo: Exhibitions as Research: Curator as….

17:00 - Concluding remarks

17:30 - 22:00 - Canapés, drinks and DJ


Programme for parallel sessions:

Thursday May 26
13:00-14:30 Parallel sessions I (each session: 3 x 30 min)

Exhibitions as Research I
Moderator: Irene Campolmi
- Marie Laurberg: The Museum as Generator, or: What Can the Single Artist Retrospective Learn from the Topical Exhibition?
- Flavia Frigeri: The Challenges of Research Driven Exhibitions
- Mattias Bäckström: Building Content with Exhibitions – about Essayistic Research

Curating within the Changing Role of Museums as Bildung Institutions Moderator: Peter Bjerregaard
- Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer: Images as Visual Sources: Representing the Former Danish West Indies
- Jakob Ingemann Parby: Rethinking the Urban History Museum – Challenges and Possibilities in Curating the New Museum of Copenhagen
- Nivi Christensen: The Implied Truth in Curating Greenlandic Art

Participatory Practices and Strategies I
Moderator: Frida Hastrup
- Johan Kjærulff Rasmussen: Mobilizing Participation at the Museum of Copenhagen
- Kirstine Møller: Nuuk Museum: A Case Study on Public Participation in Exhibition Making and Heritage Management
- Mette Boritz: What Matters to Young People? The Case of the White Busses at the National Museum of Copenhagen 


Thursday May 26
14:45-16:15 Parallel sessions II (each session: 2 or 3 x 30 min)

Exhibitions as Research II
Moderator: Masha Chlenova
- Irene Campolmi: The ‘Aesth-Ethics’ of the 21st Century Art Museums. Practices of Ethics through Curatorial Research
- Sabine Dahl Nielsen: Multi-sited Curating as a Critical Mode of Knowledge Production
- Kristian Handberg: Multiple Modernism: New Globalized Framings of the Post War Era in the Recent Exhibitions After Year Zero and The World Goes Pop

Curating within the Changing Role of Museums as Bildung Institutions II
Moderator: Ida Brændholt Lundgaard
- Margareta von Oswald: “Object Biographies“ – Addressing the Challenges Facing Ethnographic Collections in Europe
-Mathias Danbolt: Exhibition Addresses: The Production of Publics in Exhibiting Danish Colonial History
- Ahu Antmen: Curating the Nude in Istanbul: Some Curatorial Challenges 

Artistic and Curatorial Interventions I
Moderator: Lotten Gustafsson Reinius
- Trine Friis Sørensen: Commissioning as a Mode of Inquiry
- Livia Dubon: Artists Working with Archives: Old Story, New Participatory Narratives. The Case Study of the Negotiating Amnesia Project in the Alinari’s Archive
- Hanne Hammer Stien: Overcoming the Divide between Art and Cultural History: A Turn towards Photographs and Art within Cultural History Museums

Participatory Practices and Strategies II
Moderator: Camilla Jalving
- Cyril A. Santos: The Lumad Mindanao Exhibition in the National Museum of the Philippines: Encountered Challenges and Negotiations in Curating Ethnographic Collections
- Luise Reitstätter: It’s a Tricky Job. The Profession of Curating and the Problem of Populism


Friday May 27
11:15-12:45 Parallel Sessions III (each session: 3 x 30 min)

Exhibitions as Research III
Moderator: Hans Dam Christensen
- Barbara Mahlknecht: Curating the Archive. Feminist Politics, Curatorial Strategies
- Lydie Delahaye: From Archive to Museum
- Susanne Neubauer: Against the Grain of Neutralization: Exhibiting the Ephemeral as a Curatorial Production of Historical Knowledge

Curating within the Changing Role of Museums as Bildung Institutions III
Moderator: Karin Tybjerg
- Marie Riegels: Fashion Curation. Unpacking a New Discipline and Practice
- Katharine Anderson and Jan Hadlaw: Re-imaging the Canada Science and Technology Museum
- Henrik Holm: The Unchangeable Museum? 

Artistic and Curatorial Interventions II
Moderator: Sidsel Nelund
- Anne Gregersen: The Artist as Curator: Interventions in Museum Collections
- Lotten Gustafsson Reinius and Robert Willim: Possible Worlds and the Surrealities of Ethnography
- Merete Sanderhoff: Mix it up! Old Collections Inspiring New Creativity and Learning 


Friday May 27
14:00-15:30 Parallel Sessions IV (each session: 3 or 2 x 30 min)

Exhibitions as Research IV
Moderator: Rasmus Kjærboe
- Nathalia Brichet and Frida Hastrup: Mild Apocalypse. Exhibiting Interdisciplinary Research
- Katarina Stenbeck: Exhibition as Tool
- Karin Tybjerg: Curatorial Strategies for Exhibiting Epistemological Objects

Curating within the Changing Role of Museums as Bildung Institutions IV
Moderator: Kristian Handberg
- Masha Chlenova: Innovative, Polemical, Dogmatic: the Case of Soviet Experimental Museum Displays in 1930-32
- Sidsel Nelund: Congress, Forum, Hearing, Summit – on the Political Complexion of Exhibition Events
- Franziska Brüggmann: Curatorial Challenges – Challenging Institutions. On the Relation between Critical Curating and Gallery Education in Contemporary Art Institutions

Participatory Practices and Strategies III
Moderator: Mathias Danbolt
- Camilla Jalving: Art and Affect – Participative Encounters in the Museum
- Susan Kozel, Maria Engberg, and Temi Odumosu: Living Archives. Artistic Research Approaches to Mixed-Reality Curating

Artistic and Curatorial Interventions III
Moderator: Marie Riegels
- Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn and Michael Barrett: The Archive as Subject: Activism and Subjectivity in the Ethnographic Archive
- Adam Bencard and Louise Whiteley: Curating Gut Feelings – Building an Exhibition about Science in and as Process through Co-curation between Scientists, Artists and Museum Professionals
- Judit Bodor: Exhibition Matters: Curatorial Challenges in Re-producing Ivor Davies’ Adam on St Agnes’ Eve

Please note: The programme is subject to change.