Practical information


The conference will take place at the University of Copenhagen, Njalsgade 134 / Karen Blixens Vej 1, DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Conference Auditorium:
Building 22 Ground floor Auditorium 22.0.11

Parallel Sessions:
Building 21
Rooms at ground floor: 21.0.19
and at the first floor: 21.1.15; 21.1.21; 21.1.47

Lunch and coffee is served next to the Conference Auditorium

Dinner May 26 at 19:00 (pre-registration required)
Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, Toldbodgade 24-28, 1254 Copenhagen K

Closing Party May 27 at 17:30-22.00 

See larger version of campus map

See larger version of campus map


We can recommend the following hotels/hostels with a central location and good transport connections by metro or bus: 

Wakeup, Borgergade (in the very city centre and easy to get to the University by metro)

Park Inn, Femøren (not far from the airport, close to the beach Amager Strand and metro right next to)

Danhostel, Langebro (right by Copenhagen Harbour waters and walking distance to the University)

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, Vandkunsten (funky place near city centre)

Ibsens Hotel, Vendersgade 23 (quite luxurious, in the very city centre) 

Admiral Hotel, Toldbodgade 24-28 (quite luxurious, location of conference dinner)

For general information on Copenhagen see:


City Pass

We recommend that you use public transformation while in Copenhagen and that you buy a City Pass valid for 72 hours (DKK 200). This allows for use of all busses, trains, metro and harbor busses, in zones 1-2-3-4.  This also applies to transportation to and from the airport.

Smart phone users can buy a City Pass online at (please note that you have to enter the start time for use of your ticket).

The City Pass can also be purchased with ticket machines at the airport.

Do not buy a Copenhagen Card, as they are 3 times the price as a City Pass.

Do not buy single tickets, unless you only plan on taking one trip.

Mobile ticket app

You can also download the app "Mobilbilletter Hovedstaden" in the App Store and  Google Play and pay for your tickets on the go. Once you have downloaded the app, click on "Indstillinger" (settings) in the right hand lower corner and click on "English" under "Sprog" (language). Then you will get the English version of the app. From there you can select the fare you need and enter your credit card details. This app allows you to buy single trip tickets, 10-trip tickets (DKK 150 - choose ”multiple tickets”) and City Pass (chose ”other tickets” in the top right corner).

If you do not buy a City Pass, please remember to buy a ticket before you board any transportation.

In busses you show your ticket to the driver as you enter the bus, and in trains and metro you can encounter personnel who can ask to see your ticket.   

Transportation from the Airport

You can either take the train or the metro from the airport. We recommend that you take the metro if you are going to the Inner City, and the train if you are going to the Central Station.

Transportation to the venue   

Most of the recommended hotels are within walking distance of the venue, but via it is also possible to map out travels with public transportation.

For more information on tickets and transportation: