The department has many different collaborations with external partners through the activities of the department’s employer panel, inter-institutional research forums and research partnerships, courses run in close cooperation with external partners, and student internships.   

Building bridges

We have established research networks and PhD and postdoc collaborations with museums such as Vejle Museum, Louisiana Museum and the KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces. Our students do internships in all kinds of places, from publishing houses and cultural centres to public administration and large and small private companies. They write master’s theses in collaboration with organisations such as the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Herlev Hospital and Nokia. Our researchers work on urban development projects, act as consultants on councils and boards for the Ministry of Culture, run courses on literature dissemination in libraries, give lectures on performance in collaboration with Teater Grob, develop TV concepts with the Danish station TV3, consult on the use of art in hospitals, consult on entrepreneurship, have developed an anti-smoking campaign in cooperation with the Danish Cancer Society, and they cooperate with computer game developers on how to generate and sell ideas. Just to mention a few examples.

Our research and teaching do not take place in an isolated academic bubble, but in close collaboration with many other Danish institutions which like us work with art and culture on a daily basis, as well as with the businesses and cultural organisations that employ our graduates.