Finance Fiction Colloquia #1: Joseph Vogl

Initiating our series of Finance Fiction Colloquia, Joseph Vogl leads a discussion of his two most recent books The Specter of Capital (Stanford University Press, 2015 [2010]) and The Ascendancy of Finance (Polity Press, 2017 [2015]).

Joseph Vogl is Professor for Literature and Cultural Theory (Kulturwissenschaft) at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin and permanent Visiting Professor at the Department of German at Princeton University.

As part of its ongoing research, the collective project Finance Fiction – Financialization and culture in the early 21st Century organises a number of informal gatherings to discuss topics relevant to the realm of finance fiction.

Programme for the fall semester of 2019:

  1. October 7, 15-17: TBA
  2. November 14, 15-17: TBA
  3. December 13, 15-17: TBA

All sessions will be held in room 21.3.57 (South Campus at IKK)

Everyone is welcome, but please announce your participation by mail to Torsten Andreasen.