"Green": Conference of the European Society of Literature, Science and the Arts

The SLSAeu Conference 2018 is centered on the theme of green, providing a resolutely
cross-disciplinary platform to explore one of the most pervasive and broadest tropes of
our times. Alongside this central theme, the organizers especially welcome
provocatively un-green and prismatic proposals from experts in all academic disciplines
and professional fields.

How to define and understand greenness is an urgent political, societal, philosophical
and economic question not only in academia – yet there is much confusion about its
meanings. Green is often positively connoted. It has become pervasive across a broad
range of disciplines, but far from having universal meaning, it marks a dramatic
knowledge gap prone to systematic misunderstandings: Engineers brand 'green
technologies' as ecologically benign, but climate researchers point to the 'greening of
the earth' itself as the alarming effect of anthropogenic CO2 emissions. 'Green growth'
aims to reconcile economic and ecologically sustainable development, while in
philosophy 'prismatic ecology' rebukes the use of green to represent binary ideas of the
other-than-human world as an idealized nature.

More concept than color, green is often being reduced to a mere metaphor stripped of its material, epistemological and historical referents.

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