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Multiple Modernisms: a symposium on globalism in postwar art

Louisiana invites art historical academics as well as museum professionals and curators for a two-day exchange of research and critical debate on global modernism(s). The aim of this international conference is to rethink the arts, artists, museums and mechanisms and movements of the postwar art world 1945-1970 in light of global orientations through presentations by leading researchers, as well as by emerging scholars. The program will combine keynote lectures with shorter presentations selected through an internationally distributed open call. The conference will be supplemented by a master class and young researcher’s colloquium for Ph.D. students.

The starting point for the conference is how the world must be seen as more consistently modernized after 1945 in political, social, geographical and cultural ways – and as in much closer contact with global contemporaneity. We are thus encouraging analyses of the arts as different expressions of a fundamentally modernized world, as vision as well as condition, especially in the globalized sense of modernism embedded in (multiple) modernity; of art engaged in modern world-making, not outside it, with the complexities, controversies and questions this implies. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, founded in 1958, forms an especially relevant and inspiring for the discussion of the postwar era as horizon for today.

For more information, registration and call for papers see conference website.

Read the conference program here.

Organizing Committee:
Kristian Handberg, Postdoc at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and The University of Copenhagen.
Marie Laurberg, Curator at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Flavia Frigeri, Teaching Fellow, UCL - University College London (former Curator, Tate Modern)
Karen Westphal Eriksen, Postdoc, The University of Copenhagen.