Rikke Luther – University of Copenhagen

Rikke Luther, artist and Ph.D fellow at Royal Danish Art Academy and University of Copenhagen

Changing the Meeting

Most of the 20th century, mainstream economists have attempted that economic is a ’science’. If economic is a science, then the question of subjective value – based on cultural, religious or ethical beliefs – have no place. The famous ceramic toad of Osaka, the ”single most important player in the Japanese stockmarket” do not fit into the text books. When international observers copied the Japanese company structure, they did not see that 18% of the BNP was linked to concrete production. A production covering the seabed to stop the Fukushima’s isotopes float into the international ocean. 

The talk will discuss art works from the late 90s to now from the different set-ups I have been working in (N55, Learning Site and solo). What is the concept ’social’ and how has it changed its meaning through the years, and is it related to the political economies? How are social spaces and interactions constituted? Why is a material defined differently from culture to culture? And, what do you do when waste, recycle materials, is defined by the culture of the place?

Rikke Luther, artist and PhD fellow affiliated with the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, the Royale Danish Art Academy and ACT (Art, Culture and Technology), and MIT, USA (2017-2020).  Rikke Luther works on the environmental crisis in relation to language, materials, law and financialising. Her work occupies the hinterland between the fields of landscape, architecture, speech, politics, economy, biology, drawing and education. She has held teaching positions in Denmark and given numerous guest lectures, recently at MIT and Harvard. Her work has been presented in Biennales and Triennales [such as Venice, Singapore, Echigo-Tsumari and Auckland], museums [such as Moderna Museum, Kunsthaus Bregenz, The New Museum, Museo Tamayo, Smart Museum] and exhibitions [like Beyond Green: Towards a Sustainable Art, 48C Public.Art.Ecology, ÜBER LEBENSKUNST and Weather Report: Art & Climate Change]. In 2016 she created a new work for the 32nd Bienal de São Paulo which is her first solo project in many years after working collective (co-founding N55 (1996-2003) and Learning Site (2004-2014)).