Making Land art group

Making Land

Making Land is an artist-run initiative that aims to strengthen and develop bonds between Denmark and Japan. Besides engaging with concrete projects, Making Land is a platform for idea and information exchange for artists and researchers. 

Our research is focused on geographical, community and geological aspects of particular locations in Denmark and Japan. We hope that the result will lead further bonding and synthesis between the two cultures. Currently, we are focusing on a research workshop at Møn in Denmark. Making Land is interested in how culture is born out of a particular landscape and how local history is shaped by the geology of the area.

During the seminar, we will present participating artist’s interest behind the project and their thoughts on community making through art and life, furthermore we will present result of our 1st research trip to Møn in Denmark.

Participating artists

Georg Jagunov

Born in Russia and based in Copenhagen, Georg Jagunov’s work shifts between digital collage, animation, projection mapping and installation art. He engages with immersive digital projections, which play with concealment and revelation and bring digital projection into contact with recognisably human spaces and scales. His sources of inspiration borrow from biology, history, science fiction, architecture and mythology. Jagunov works with sound designers, scientists and technicians to weave his environments and create immersive installations.

Jacob Remin

Jacob Remin is an artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is part of the critical new media collective SCIENCE FRICTION and founder of the project space KOMMUNAL KUNST OG TEKNIK. His practice is a critical and poetic meditation over technology as material, often manifested as physical works in the meeting between light, space, composition and interaction.

Lars Kynde

Lars Kynde is classically trained composer designing mechanical and electro-mechanical instruments for new rituals. Music making for him is a ceremonial framework for human relations. Learning from traditional rituals and ceremonies, he tries to create radically new rituals in order to recreate their original intentions in a modern context. He is particularly interested in what ritual performances can teach us about our sensory perception. 


Toshie Takeuchi's works play with the borders of authenticity by using technical nature of photography and film – capturing and archiving of actuality in an ambivalence of the visual creation. She questions fragility of our memory and reality by intervening, mediating and registering the void space between different parties. e.g. between people, between different beings like humans and animals or between two conflicting memories or histories. Takeuchi is interested in exploring “inbetweenness” or “merging zone” of those differences and collapsing the gap. Through her work, she offers alternative perceptions to viewers, particularly when it comes to considering conventional values on time, memory, identity and the value on properties thereby creating alternate journeys and narratives of thoughts.