Lene Noer

On GRASSLANDS: 4 villages - 4 cases of participatory cultural citizenship

The presentation includes documentation of the working process throughout GRASSLANDS, from January 2016 to September 2017. GRASSLANDS involve site specific art projects in the villages Selde, Junget, Thorum and Åsted, and is curated by visual artist Lene Noer and visual artist Birgitte Ejdrup Kristensen. GRASSLANDS is part of the European Cultural Capital Aarhus 2017’s official program under Rethink the Village / Coast to Coast. I will draw out some headlines in our methods, hoping to pass on experience and best practices, as well as describing the not-to-do’s, that we learned from. Finally, I want to point out, that there is a clear difference between projects that are initiated and headed by public authorities, however well meant, and projects that are initiated bottom up and headed by artists.

About Grasslands

Since 2013 Lene Noer and Birgitte Kristensen have worked together with participatory art in public spaces, first on invitation from the local community of Selde, and in recent years in Junget, Thorum and Åsted, through the international Århus 2017 project, GRASSLANDS. It has been a great challenge, in some villages more than others, and has given the two artists profound experience in the art of involving citizens in art projects, overcoming prejudices both ways. The results can best be described as enhanced coherence, social inclusion, a lot of fun and some pretty great art works.

Lene Noer is a visual artist, painter, printmaker and performer. Lene has been an active curator and project leader of numerous festivals, workshops, symposiums, seminars, interventions, and initiated and ran a Center of Experimental Art between 1997 and  2006.