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Gunhild Ravn Borggreen

Gunhild Ravn Borggreen

Associate Professor

I teach and conduct research in Visual Culture with attention to performance, nationality, and gender in Japanese contemporary art and visual culture. Other themes include the relationship between art and technology, as well as socially engaged art in Japanese contemporary art. I have interest in cultural exchange between Japan and the West, including Japonisme, Orientalism and Post-Orientalism. I have worked as a consultant for a number of exhibitions on Japanese art in Denmark.

Primary fields of research

I am co-founder and project manager of ROCA (Robot Culture and Aesthetics), a research network focusing on practice-based research into the intersection of art, technology, and society. I am especially interested in artistic interpretations of the social function of robts, as well as the imaginaries about robots created through film, literature, comics, and other cultural products. I also investigate imaginations about other cultures that are connected to technology, such as techno-orientalism or techno-nationalism in the relationship between Japan and the West.

ID: 8955