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Modern Culture

MA programme

Main fields of study

Cultural history and cultural theory from 1850 and onwards – with an emphasis on contemporary culture.

Languages of instruction

Primarily Danish. Some courses have been taught in English. The examinations may be conducted in both English and Danish.

Access requirements

Admission to the MA programme requires a completed BA degree from one of the following study programmes: Comparative Literature, Film Studies, Musicology, Art History, Theatre Studies, Philosophy or History of Ideas.

Programme requirements

Modern Culture is an interdisciplinary MA programme which provides the students with advanced knowledge of cultural phenomena in the period from 1850 until today – and the ability to analyse these phenomena. The main focus is on the 20th and 21st centuries. The student analyses a wide range of cultural spheres, fields and objects from a variety of regions, genres and periods by means of diverse aesthetic theories and methods. The student is also made familiar with communication theory, cultural communication and cultural administration.

The study programme consists of two compulsory courses (30 ECTS), a large block of electives (approximately 60 ECTS) and a Master’s thesis (worth 30 ECTS).

Professional status

A Master of Arts in Contemporary Culture qualifies the graduate for positions in both the public and the private sector, usually in communication, publishing, media or the arts. Some graduates pursue a career in educational or research-oriented institutions such as universities.

Joint MA programme